Florida Academy of Notaries

The first of its kind! 

New to the Notary community? Reached a plateau in your business's growth over the years?

F.A.N is a premier academy that will advance you and your business to the next level!

Education is never ending, learn how to get to your NEXT LEVEL! 

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Once you join the F.A.N club, your membership will include...

In-Depth Florida-Specific Notary Law Training

  • Notaries work with many entities who may not know which acts are appropriate for Notaries to perform.
  • As the Notary, you MUST know your state law! These trainings will thoroughly cover details of Florida Law pertaining to Notaries.
  • You will stand out to real estate agents, title officers and mortgage professionals because of your extensive knowledge.
  • You will experience a boost of confidence as you go out into the field with understanding.  

Live Trainings 

  • From loan signing agent training, marketing essentials, specialty/general Notary work and so many more, these live trainings will be loaded with knowledge that can transform your business (once applied)!
  • You will become a more efficient business person and experience growth as a result. 

Live Group Coaching *F.A.N huddle up*

  • This is an exclusive monthly meeting with F.A.N members
  • You will have direct access to the Academy Director, Janae Blatch, to answer any questions you may have.
  • You will be encouraged to continue pushing towards your goal.
  • Every month you will be able to evaluate and grow in any area you need help in.
  • Will strengthen your business overtime!    

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Access to Private & Supportive Facebook Group 

  • An invaluable aspect of F.A.N is the community of support.
  • A group of like-minded individuals pushing one-another to reach their goals! 
  • In this private group will have access to a continual stream of resources, knowledge and support.

Expert Guest Trainers

  • Live trainings with successful Notary business men and women, teaching in their area of expertise.
  • Trainers will educate and direct your business in the right direction!
  • You will have an opportunity to ask well-known and successful Notaries questions during the Q&A.
  • Trainings from a vast range of specialties, including signing service owners to Notary software owners.

Notary Primer Outline 

  • The primer is loaded with information that Notaries must be aware of.
  • Outline includes every section of Primer broken down and explained
  • This will be used in conjunction with Notary law trainings.
  • Provides you with a manageable means of unpacking the Notary Primer for optimal understanding!
  • This will result in you becoming well-versed in Florida's Notary's guidelines. 


With MANY more highlights to share and to come, F.A.N is dedicated to seeing you excel! 

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Quarterly Membership

*$112.00 per quarter* 

(Introductory Price)


  • ALL of the benefits of a monthly F.A.N member
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F.A.N Membership


*$39.00 Per Month*

(Introductory Price) 


  • Notary Training Resource Center
  • In-Depth Florida-Specific Notary Law Training
  • Group Coaching
  • Weekly Live Trainings
  • Expert Guest Trainers
  • Private &  Supportive Facebook Group
  • Direct Access to Academy Director Janae Blatch
  • Notary Primer Outline
  • And Much, Much More!
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Annual Membership  

*Pay $458 annually*


  • ALL of the benefits of a monthly F.A.N member
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